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High carbon alloy cast iron disc for best control of speed

High Performance Disc rotor

KGC XR F class

KGC Korea’s high performance disc rotor lineup, the F-class premium rotor is a 2-piece type floating disc rotor product, which satisfies heat radiation, strength and weight-lightening. Aluminum alloy bell is floated on the high carbon alloy cast iron disc plate of spiral ventilator vane.


Lightweight 2 piece Floating Disc rotor

KGC Korea’s disc rotor is a patent and design registered product. The F class, in order to satisfy weight-lightening and high performance requirements, a special-material disc plate and aluminum alloy bell are combined into a 2-piece type product, thus reducing the fade and deformation caused by thermal fatigue and helping dynamic vehicle control.


High carbon iron Durability Disc

The F class high carbon alloy iron disc plate is a high-quality disc rotor added with a special material to increase tensile strength and frictional coefficient, thus reducing deformation, crack and abrasion, while increasing the frictional coefficient at the same time. F class is design to correspond to high performance pads which are aggressive to discs.

Excellent Cooling Performance

Curved vents pressurizes and releases the air from the center of the disc to the outer diameter, and have very good heat radiation, in comparison with common direct vents, since the curved vents prevents the counter flux of the outside air. Regularly arranged penetrating perforations suppress the heat island, and the floating bell which smoothly performs the ventilation reduces the heat delivered to the hub bearing.

Drilled & Slotted Scientific Design

There are drilled and slotted type disc rotor products in KGC Korea for enhancing the heat radiation and braking performance. The disc rotor for enhancing heat radiation, release of pad debris and gas, and braking performance is produced by automated system during the manufacturing process by precise 3D designing which considers the internal structure. The drilled type is effective for heat radiation, while the slotted type is effective for the enhancement of braking.

High Friction Coefficient

F class has undergone a comparative verification through the brake dynamometer test in Inje University Technology Innovation Center for Automotive Parts, showing excellence in heat radiation, durability and efficiency.


Premium Quality

The disc plate’s assembly line (below) of KGC Korea is equipped with automated system in 300,000 square meter-scale site, and is sharing the assembly line with the world-famous brake brands. KGC Korea first started manufacturing disc plates from 2003, and is now reflecting accumulative know-hows of multinational brake manufacturers to our products.

Global Quality

KGC Korea’s disc rotor first started exporting in 2004, and is now renowned for its excellence in performance and stability even in the extreme conditions of Russia and Middle East, becoming a favored brand throughout the world.


High performance disc rotor

KGC XR F class

• KGC Korea’s high-performance disc rotor is a premium disc rotor with high performance, established with maximized frictional force, heat radiation, lightness, and durability, implemented by costly materials applied to high carbon alloy iron disc.
• The disc rotor can be used in both general roads and on race tracks. The drilled disc boasts its stability, while the drilled/slotted disc takes its braking power as the strong point.
• Due to directionality in the rotation, the disc should be mounted along the direction of arrow attached to the product. (The directionality is determined by the shape of the vent. The braking power and braking quality differ by the direction of drilled/slotted disc)
• The drilled/slotted disc generates a unique sound depending on its operational pattern. If the original product has been processed by any entity which has not been approved by KGC Korea, the quality assurance becomes invalid.
• AS the diameter of the disc rotor increases, so does the braking power. However, please consider that the balancing of suspension, mileage, and quick reaction also decreases, to make appropriate choices for your vehicle and driving character. .


The disc rotor which goes under continuous heating and cooling, can differ in its lifetime, depending on maintenance and bedding. For bedding, please refer to the bedding of S-class. For maintenance, please refer to the below.


• When not in a situation which requires abrupt halting, tread the pedal softly and intermittently.
• When overheating the brake, cool down the disc by driving in regular speed, and then stop or park the vehicle
• Do not tread on the brake pedal in a long downhill road, or do not apply thermal shocks such as washing the vehicle while the brake is still overheated.

KGC Korea Disc rotor Lineup

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