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M Class High Performance Monobloc Caliper

Smooth and strong braking technology for best control of speed

M class, the high performance caliper line-up of KGC Korea, is a group of high performance Monobloc brake caliper products which have been optimized for driving on road. Experience the special values of KGC XR M class including the aluminum alloy monobloc with stable performances, the optimized brake fluid line with world-first technology, the sequentially sized pistons providing smooth braking sensitivity and reduced wearing margin (6POT).


Brake Technology Created with Korean Beauty

KGC XR M class is the brake caliper designed by combining the world-first new technology of manufacturing brakes and the aesthetic beauty of Korea. The design of M class is intended to express the elegant curves with ‘Taegeuk’, the traditional Korean mark, and to represent the excellence of the brake calipers made in Korea. (Korean Design Patent No. 30-0818919)


Optimized Internal Brake Fluid Line System with Harmonized Safety and Performance

General double acting calipers have the disadvantage of weakness to crack, corrosion and leak of fluids since the fluid lines connecting opposing pistons are exposed in the shape of pipes at the driving part near the ground. KGC Korea has developed a new technology, in which fluid lines are integrated into the caliper, thereby enhancing stability and optimizing the fluid lines, which has been impossible in conventional mass production, and applied the technology to M class for the first time in the world (Korean Patent No. 10-1582277). The new technology applied to M class enables the pedal efforts according to the control point of the brake pedal to approach the original efforts, overcoming the differences in control time and minimizing the effects on electronic devices related to braking. (The effects may differ depending on the type of vehicles)

High-strength Light Monobloc

Since the heat and pressure generated during braking can cause deformation of the caliper, it is favorable to used aluminum alloy monobloc body to meet the requirements for lightness. The monobloc products have been very expensive due to the difficulties in manufacturing from structural characteristics. However, KGC Korea lowered the cost by using the new technology. For M class, the body is completed through post-processing steps for improving corrosion resistance and strength through light aluminum alloy monobloc with high heat resistance, and the products are manufactured with uniform qualities through a mass production system.

Quick Release System

M class adopts a quick release system which quickly separates the brake pad from the disc rotor when the driver releases the brake pedal. The quick release system of the brake pad enables smooth start or acceleration after braking, minimizing losses in power and fuel efficiency and assisting dynamic driving.

Sequentially Sized Pistons

M class line-up includes calipers with sequentially sized pistons of different sizes applied. The sequentially sized piston caliper provides suppression of wearing of brake pads, improved pedal efforts through optimized fluid amount, and smooth braking sensitivity, although the manufacturing cost is somewhat higher. Sequentially sized piston calipers are classified into leading and tailing types since they should be installed so that the braking pressures are transmitted to the disc from the pistons with shorter diameters.


Dust Cover

The caliper for driving on roads requires endurability for a long time. For M class, dust covers are applied for endurability for the caliper for driving on roads. The dust cover located on assembly finishing part of the pistons and calipers blocks introduction of impurities such as pad particles and dusts into the caliper, preventing reduction of performance and lifetime of the caliper.

Multidirection Connector

The multidirection connector applied to M class is developed by KGC Korea to fix the brake hose to calipers more safely and conveniently (Korean Patent No. 10-1582277). The highly endurable forged multidirection connector makes it easy to vary the direction of the brake hose freely and fix it to calipers more easily and conveniently, ensuring more safe and excellently finished brake system.

Heatproof Special Painting

M class is finished with heatproof special painting. M class is finished with heat processing after repeated fluorine clear and metallic pearl, so that impurities are hardly attached and cleansing is easy, making it easy to maintain the unique color of the new car for a long time.

Smooth and Strong Braking Technology for Happiness

KGC brake system pursues technology for the happiness of the public that everybody can enjoy. The products in KGC XR line-up are assembled and produced with high qualities by using parts acquired from production lines of multi-national companies and professional companies for manufacturing OEM parts, and sold at reasonable prices.


4POT Monobloc Caliper


• The caliper is designed with 4 pistons for common roads, and can be used both for leading (the caliper is located in front of the axle) and trailing (the caliper is located in the rear of the car axle) structures.
• Monobloc structures with high strength and brake fluid lines providing the optimal pedal pressure have been adopted, providing the pedal points of original state and high performance of braking capability. (The effects may differ depending on the type of vehicles)
• The product can be applied universally from semi-tunings minimizing the change in the structures of the car to high-performance tunings through large-diameter discs.
• Specifications of corresponding wheel size : over 60mm + brake disc diameter, offset 8J 40 (The effects may differ depending on the wheel designs)
• Maintenance is convenient due to the high compatibility of the pad that can be easily acquired all over the world.

KGC XR M4 Technical Specifications




140mm (except connector)




3.6kg (except pad/bracket)


Trailing, Leading


Monobloc 1 piece aluminum alloy



Disc Thickness

28-32mm (Pad Thickness 17mm)

Disc Diameter


Pad Area


Private Pad


Compatible Pad

Brembo B62, Ferodo 1334, Pagid 2487

6POT Monobloc Caliper


• The caliper is designed with 6 pistons for common roads, and can be used for leading (the caliper is located in front of the axle) and trailing (the caliper is located in the rear of the axle) structures.
• 6 pistons are applied to the high strength monobloc body and fiuid lines providing the optimal pedal efforts, providing smooth and powerful braking capability. (The effects may differ depending on the type of vehicles)
• The product is appropriate for upgrading brakes of the vehicles having high performance, vehicles with frequent loading of freights, and vehicles pursuing smooth and stable braking performances.
• Specifications of corresponding wheel size : over 60mm + brake disc diameter, offset 8J 40 (The effects may differ depending on the wheel designs)
• Maintenance is convenient due to the high compatibility of the pad that can be easily acquired all over the world.

KGC XR M6 Technical Specifications




151mm (except connector)




4.4kg (except pad/bracket)




Monobloc 1 piece aluminum alloy


30Ø, 34Ø, 40Ø

Disc Thickness

32-34mm (Pad Thickness 17mm)

Disc Diameter


Pad Area


Private Pad


Compatible Pad

Brembo B64, Ferodo DS3098


KGC Korea provides warranties on the products pursuant to the standards for resolving consumer complaints of Fair Trade Commission. Please check the products before installation since return of the products of refunding of processing costs are not possible after installation for reasons not related to the functions of the products.

Scope of Warranty

The period of warranty based on the date of installation, which is applied when failures are occurred to the product on a common road complying with rules of transportation, and the condition comes first shall be applied.

• Caliper, 2 piece disc – 1 year or 20,000km
• 1 piece disc, pad – 6 months or 5,000km

It should be noted that following cases are excluded from the scope of warranty.

• When deformation or damage has occurred due to illegal abuse of products such as over-speed, violent driving and car-wash at high temperature, or mistakes of consumers
• When the product is not properly installed, arbitrarily processed, or deformed
• When the limit of use of the wearing/friction material of consumables is lapsed by 50% (disc single surface 0.5mm, pad friction material 1/2)
• Damage to related parts due to over-use of the limit of consumables (disc single surface 1mm, remaining pad 2mm)
• When the issues are not relevant to the functions of the product such as normal discoloration, noises, dusts and crack in disc openings with 5mm or less
• When the issues are not related to the physical forces of the original products such as abnormal installation, natural disaster, or intentional destruction


• Just mounting KGC brake system on your car does not necessarily means that the driver can drive the car in dangerous manner that can affect the safety of the driver or other persons. The driver should comply with laws and rules related to traffics, bearing in mind the state of the vehicle and road, and needs to acquire driving techniques changed according to the increased braking performances regarding the state of road surface and the distance from cars behind during braking.
• Problems can occur to the product if the product for common roads is used in other environments such as tracks. Use of the products can be impossible due to failures and deformations when heat impact is imposed such as abnormal rise in temperature, car-wash at high temperature immediately after driving.
• When dynamic driving is done with only brake upgrade, lifetime of the brake and related parts can be reduced, and chances of failures and deformations can be higher for vehicles with high weights, vehicles with long wheel base, or vehicles with low suspension strength.
• The brake system is the core product related to safety, and installation and maintenance of the product should be entrusted to professionals, and the operator must wear protection equipment. Perform bedding after installation, and manage the product paying attentions to the precautions.
• Although the dust cover and the oil seal of the caliper are consumables that should be replaced when deformed or used over their lifetime, they should not be disassembled arbitrarily due to the possibilities of internal damages. So, overhaul should be made by KGC Korea or certified service companies.
• The caliper and the disc set are released according to their specifications, and, when combined with products with other specifications, interference with other parts, reduced pedal efforts, and leak of brake fluid due to wearing of pads/discs can occur.
• Drilled/Slotted for emitting the heat and gases of the disc rotor generate unique sound during braking, and the high-performance pad can generate dusts and intermittent noises.
• Disc rotors and brake pads are consumables. When the disc rotor is worn by 2mm (1mm on single surface), and when the brake pad reaches 2mm of remaining friction material, they should be replaced since the lifetime of the products have lapsed and the performances of related parts can be affected.

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