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KGC symbolizes the dynamism and stability.


KGC Korea’s symbol is motivated from cheetah and expresses dynamism and stability. A cheetah is gentle and can be easily tamed. And yet, it is the fastest mammal with flexible body and strong ground stepping force. As such, its image is ideal to represent the essential elements of high performance automobiles which require dynamism and precise control. The design showing the head which absorbs the light to clear sights is in line with the symbolic elements of KGC XR products such as the monobloc, titanium and ventilated.



KGC is the abbreviation of Kumgang Co. and signifies the beginning of the company.


The KGC RS (racing standard) lineup is the KGC Korea’s semi tuning products that allow the users to experience the tuning without heavy monetary burden.


XR stands for extreme racing and represents KGC’s brake technology that can perform the outstanding performance even under the extreme conditions.

M Class: KGC XR monobloc caliper product group
F Class: KGC XR floating type disc rotor product group
S Class: KGC XR sports brake pad product group